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Stolen from [personal profile] fizzyblogic:

Nine ships you are into right now:

1. Rodney/Katie [Stargate Atlantis]

2. Claire/Peter [Heroes]

3. Vashti/Champagne [Idlewild]

4. Ronon/Sheppard [Stargate Atlantis]

5. Lara/Amanda [Tomb Raider: Legend]

6. Nick/Tyson [The All-American Rejects]

7. Snape/Lily [Harry Potter]

8. Claire/Gretchen [Heroes]

9. Spongebob/Squidward [Spongebob Squarepants] THIS IS A VALID PAIRING IN MY MIND OKAY.

Four ships you don't really like:
10. Rodney/Jennifer [Stargate Atlantis]
11. Harry/Ginny [Harry Potter]
12. Matt/Janice [Heroes]
13. John/Elizabeth [Stargate Atlantis]


What would be your ideal scenario for couple three?
I wish Champagne had survived. It’s hard to say besides that, though, because the book only referenced their relationship (or lack thereof? Hell, I’m not even sure they were together) twice, so I really don’t know what the actual situation was. I like to imagine a kind of angst-y scenario where Vashti was in love with Champagne, but Champage was straight. Because those books are all about the angst, up until the horrible, forced, disgustingly optimistic ending. I, uh, really hated the ending.

Which is your favorite moment for couple one?
“Seeing my sister so happy made me realize... I’d like to get married. Oh, no, not to you! Oh, no no no, not not to you! No, that was not a proposal! Not that I wouldn’t be interested in getting married to someone like you, I mean, someone just like you, you even, maybe one day, I just...” etc etc.

How long have you been following couple six?
They were the first couple I ever shipped! So that would be... about three years? I have to admit, my interest in them may be going down just a tiny bit since I haven’t heard of them lately, but they will always have a special place in my heart. <3

What's the story with eight?
Omg I love this pairing. So basically, I read a spoiler before season 4 of Heroes stating that Claire would kiss her roommate. So when I saw the first few episodes, I was like, “Claire’s going to kiss this Annie girl? Really?” And then when Gretchen was introduced I was like, “Okay, Claire needs to kiss Gretchen instead!” So of course, when Annie died and Gretchen became Claire’s new roommate, I died of happy. (Seriously, nothing but complete happiness over Annie’s death. She was so annoying.) Anyway, then there was the kiss, and the drama, and finally the relationship, and it was the best thing ever. My favourite thing about this pairing is that the writers of the show didn’t make a big deal at all over the fact that it was a lesbian relationship; they acted as if it was completely normal for two girls to like each other romantically. Cause, you know, IT IS.

You have the power to make one ship non existent. Choose between ten or twelve.
Matt/Janice. It hurts my heart so bad that after Daphne died, Matt all but forgot about her and went back to Janice. It made it seem like he’d never really moved on from Janice while he was with Daphne, and so it really trivialized their relationship. And Matt/Daphne was my favourite canon Heroes pairing before Claire/Gretchen.

Which ship do you prefer, two or four?
Ronon/Sheppard, for sure! I don’t understand why everyone ever doesn’t ship them. Seriously, there are no videos on youtube of that particular pairing. (I am working on one, though!)

How do you feel about seven?
It’s the only pairing in Harry Potter I’ve ever cared for, honestly. I love Snape more and more every time I read through the books, and I’m not a big fan of James (please don’t kill me), and Snape’s memories of Lily are my favourite part of the entire series, possibly.

Does your affection for nine affect your love of the show?
I can’t even watch the show anymore because everything they do just makes me ship them even more. I just sit there and laugh and tweet about how gay they are for each other. I swear I have problems.

What's a song that reminds you of five?
Um. Is there a song about two teenage girls who are just starting to fall in love and then one of them supposedly dies, only years later she’s actually still alive and she tries to kill the other girl, who is still in love with her, and therefore can’t bring herself to kill her when she has the chance? No? Alright then.

Have two kissed yet?
No, and I’m pretty sure they never would have, seeing as Peter is Claire’s uncle and all. Popular television does not promote incest, last time I checked.

Did four have a happy ending? If the show hasn't ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely?
Sure, as happy as you get in Atlantis. Gotta wait for that movie to see for sure, though.

If only one could happen, which would you prefer, two or six?
Six, for sure! Because, you know, it’s real life and all. And also because I love Claire/Gretchen too much to want Claire/Peter to happen.

You have the power to decide the fate of ten. What happens to them?
Let’s see. They’d break up on good terms and stay friends, Jennifer and Teyla would become BFF and end up falling in love, and Rodney and Carson would finally realize that they’re meant for each other and get together. (Fact: I ship Rodney/Carson slightly more than Rodney/Katie, but I really wanted to use that quote I used in the second question, so I didn’t include Rodney/Carson as a pairing in this.)

Which was your original OTP?
Nick/Tyson, of course.


...What I would like to know is why this meme didn't ask about 13. I didn't get a chance to rant.
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