Mar. 19th, 2010

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I've done some crossing out on my intro post, now that me and Brad are officially over. (Ignore that sentence if you're reading the LJ crosspost of this entry). It makes me feel better, somehow.
I've discovered recently that I no longer feel the need to be in a relationship. Like, if I met someone that would be nice, but I'm also okay with just having friends, for now. Friends are awesome :)

I've also discovered that, when I go to bed after 1 a.m., I get woken up between 9 and 10 a.m. by nightmares. It kinda sucks. However, the other night I had an amazing dream. I was starting a new job (that right there is awesome enough to begin with), and my boss was Mr Woolsey from SGA, and the person who was training me was Ms Nicholson, the student-teacher from last term's English class, who I have an embarrasingly huge crush on. It was a pretty awesome dream. Except then I ended up being chased by a wasp that turned into this thing that looked like a mixture of a Wraith and Johnny Depp from Alice In Wonderland, so yeah, nightmare.

Now, I should probably go take a shower and start on that essay I was supposed to be working on. Heh. >_>

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Ugh, youtube has failed me. I swear, there are NO Sheppard/Ronon or McKay/Beckett fan videos out there. I mean, I don't mind watching McShep (which there is thankfully a TON of), but John/Ronon and Rodney/Carson are my two favorite pairings. And there is WAY too much John/Teyla. -___-

...Sorry, I had to rant about that. If and when I can find downloads of the SGA episodes somewhere, I will add to the numbers of vids for those pairings. >=]

....And while I'm on the topic of vids, I posted a new Claire/Gretchen vid the other day, if anyone's interested? :D


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