Jul. 15th, 2010

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Day two of the Harry Potter challenge for me! Okay, yes, it's past midnight, so technically I'm late. Shhhh.

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Day 2: Your favorite movie
Hmmm. This one is pretty hard for me. I genuinely can't remember the GoF and OotP movies, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't either of them. I think The Half-Blood Prince would have been my favorite if it wasn't for certain annoying factors. For example, if they hadn't messed up Harry and Ginny's kiss (actually, I don't like Bonnie Wright as Ginny at all, but that's another story). Other than that it has some great comedy, and it skips over most of the boring parts involving Harry and Dumbledore's "lessons" (I know that was like the main plot of the book, but it was so boring omg), but due to the fact that I have the same problems with it that I have with the other newer movies (I'll get to that on Day 19), I'd have to say that overall The Philosopher's Stone was the best movie out of the series. It keeps very close to the book, the acting is great (old Dumbledore FTW), and little Harry, Ron, and Hermione were adorable.

Now, onto another Potter-related matter. I know I'm bad for shamelessly advertising things that I like, but this one is especially awesome. If you like Harry Potter, you should check out Mark Reads Harry Potter. It's the chapter-by-chapter reviews of Mark, a 26-year-old man, reading Harry Potter for the first time (having never seen the movies either) and turning into a complete fanboy. It's kind of amazing.

And that is all. So long and goodnight.
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Day three of the Harry Potter Challenge. I don't have a whole lot to say today, because I hardly remember the movies at all, having only seen most of them once (except The Philosipher's Stone and The Prisoner Of Azkaban).

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Day 3: Is there any of the films adaptations that have made you angry because they’ve ignored important parts of the book?
Yes, in fact, there is. THEY LEFT OUT PEEVES ENTIRELY. I will never, ever get over this fact. Hmph. Also, where is the giant squid?

In other news, I passed the final test for the in-class portion of Drivers' Ed today, and now I can start getting actual driving lessons! Yaaaay!


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