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Stolen from [personal profile] fizzyblogic:

Nine ships you are into right now:

1. Rodney/Katie [Stargate Atlantis]

2. Claire/Peter [Heroes]

3. Vashti/Champagne [Idlewild]

4. Ronon/Sheppard [Stargate Atlantis]

5. Lara/Amanda [Tomb Raider: Legend]

6. Nick/Tyson [The All-American Rejects]

7. Snape/Lily [Harry Potter]

8. Claire/Gretchen [Heroes]

9. Spongebob/Squidward [Spongebob Squarepants] THIS IS A VALID PAIRING IN MY MIND OKAY.

Four ships you don't really like:
10. Rodney/Jennifer [Stargate Atlantis]
11. Harry/Ginny [Harry Potter]
12. Matt/Janice [Heroes]
13. John/Elizabeth [Stargate Atlantis]


teh questions... )


...What I would like to know is why this meme didn't ask about 13. I didn't get a chance to rant.
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I know I haven't posted in FOREVER, but I've has such a busy week. I've accomplished the following:
  • Worked on a SGA vid
  • Worked on a SGA/AAR crossover fic
  • Driven a whole bunch
  • Spent hours and hours with Ryan
Yes, I finally got them taken off. I'll have a permanent retainer for the rest of my life, but it's not visible, so it's not a big problem. Here's what my teeth look like (in a rather dramatic shot, because I'm a camera whore):

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What I should be doing:
  • The Harry Potter challenge
  • Writing a new chapter of my SGA/AAR crossover
  • Working on my SGA vids
What I have been doing:
  • Watching SGA with Ryan
  • Watching A Very Potter Sequel
  • Playing Spyro The Dragon
  • Reading The Green Mile by Stephen King
I haven't written since June 6, I haven't properly vidded since June 7, and I've been skipping days of the Harry Potter challenge like crazy. Sadly, right now I'll go with the easiest one: Harry Potter.

The Questions )

Day 12: Favorite ship
You know, honestly, I don't care much for shipping in Harry Potter. I just... I'm not reading it for romance. I really don't care. I mean, if I had to choose, I'd pick Ron/Hermione because they're just cute, but I honestly don't care much about the romantic relationships.
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Okay, so, today I was on youtube and I found this video in my reccomended videos. And it is amazing.

I seriously thought I was the only person who shipped Sheppard/Todd. Apparently not. Anyway, it gave me an idea to do my own Sheppard/Todd video to the song Hangover by Hey Monday.

But now I have so many SGA videos to do omg. Here's the list:

SGA friendship - We All Roll Along (The Maine)
This one's about halfway completed. It is my masterpiece. Seriously.

Sheppard/Ronon - Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne)
I started this one today on an impulse when I heard the song on the radio. It's mostly just silly. I might not even finish it. It depends if I can find a way to cut out the first verse ("I think you know I'm damn precious/and hell yeah, I'm the motherfucking princess" isn't exactly a Ronon-like thing to say...).

SGA girls - Just Got Paid, Let's Get Laid (The Millionaires)
This would probably be Teyla, Katie Brown, Elizabeth, Larrin, and maybe Jennifer. I matched some clips up with random lyrics from the song (in my head, not actually on Movie Maker) and it's rather amusing, but I don't know if I'll actually be able to do it.

McKay & Cadman - Disturbia (Rhianna)
I most likely won't do this one. I might do a short video with just the first verse and chorus, though.

McKay/Beckett - Believe (The All-American Rejects)
I want to do this one, but I've yet to find the last 1/4 of Sunday on youtube without a border around it, so I can't get the clips I need :(

Sheppard/Todd - Hangover (Hey Monday)
This one is no more than a vague hey this song kind of reminds me of them type of idea in my head right now. But someday it will happen.
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So today I was vidding, and I noticed a shot in an SGA episode that I hadn't previously noticed. And it was the BEST SHOT EVER, so I had to make a gif of it. My gif-maker isn't very good, so it's not great quality, but it's still adorable.


I don't even know why I find it so cute, but it's amazing.

And now, on to the Harry Potter challenge!

The Questions )

Day 6: What House would you want to be in?
I'd most definitely be in Ravenclaw. I've known that ever since I started reading Harry Potter. I'm smart and I'm an overachiever in school, and I'm not particularly brave or nice, so no Gryffindor or Hufflepuff for me. And... I dunno, I just don't feel like a Slytherin. Ravenclaw just feels like my house. Plus I took a 100-question Sorting Hat quiz which confirmed it. I AM A RAVENCLAW. (And so is MarkReadsHarryPotter, so I'm good with that :D)
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Kay, so, I'm apparently not allowed to use rich text. HTML it is!

  • I like my boyfriend so very much. ♥
  • I have not had time for the internets lately! D:
  • I'm still struggling through season 1 of SG-1. I find it so boring =.=
  • School is incredibly easy lately. No homework. I likes it.
  • Is it bad that lately I've been reading nothing but Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett? >_>
  • I've gone over a week without playing Dragon Age. Addiction cured? Probably not.
  • SGA IS ON YOUTUBE. I CAN VID. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this already. BUT YAY.
  • I definitely need to work on my SGA/AAR crossover. Why is it that I never noticed how often the Genii come up in that show until I tried to exclude them from the story? Not looking forward to introducing them. -.-
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Dear mother,

Here are some rules that I follow when someone in the house is sleeping. I suggest you start following similar ones.
  1. Do not talk to yourself right outside their bedroom door. Especially when your talking is more like shouting.
  2. Do not stomp up and down the hall as loudly as possible wearing shoes.
  3. Do not slam doors. They close just as well when you shut them gently, I promise.
  4. Do not knock on their door and ask for their laundry when you don't plan on doing laundry for another couple of hours anyway.
  5. If possible, pick one end of the house and stay there. Do not stomp up and down the hall in your loud shoes every 1-2 minutes.
Thank you.

In other news, my dreams went crazy last night. It started with this courtyard with various doors that lead to a 5-story gym, a marine biology lab (with an adorable baby octpus-ish thing), and a bunch of people in lab coats, taking apart cell phones. Then you had to slide down one of two slides to get to a beach where they sold soda, ice cream, fudge, etc. There was also an apartment building where Adam, Brad, and my aunt all lived. Me and Molly were at the beach, trying to climb up the slides to get back the the courtyard. Then this girl from my school named Brittney sent a package down the slide that contained a survey about Tyson Ritter. IDEK. There was some more stuff about Brad and Adam but I don't really remember.
Then it changed into a SGA dream, where Sheppard, McKay, Ronon, Ford, Weir, and some random nameless soldiers were underwater in a Puddle Jumper, being chased by a giant version of the octopus from the marine biology lab, and the Puddle Jumper was broken and couldn't fly, so the only place they could escape to was this island that was owned by the Genii. They got onto the island and were trying to sneak into the Genii building (they had like... this big apartment building type thing. IDK.) but they got caught. The Genii offered them grapes and cookies, but McKay, Sheppard, and Ronon were the only ones smart enough not to eat them, and the rest of the team all got poisoned. Then the Genii let McKay, Sheppard, and Ronon go, and they gave them guns, and then they were talking about Beckett and Jack Barakat randomly appeared and he was like "William Beckett? Or the scottish Beckett?" and everyone else was just like "....." and it was weird. The end. 

Also, random discovery of about five minutes ago: WHY DOES EVERYONE FROM HEROES END UP ON STARGATE AND VICE-VERSA?
I mean, really, it's just starting to get ridiculous. xD
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Mostly I just wanted to show off my new SGA userpic. It's the first icon I've ever really made ("made" meaning doing something other than just cropping an image) and I'm super excited about it. Like, way more excited than anyone should ever get over a 100x100 image. But it has a Puddle Jumper! :D

In other news, I went shopping today with the intention of buying a skirt, and came home with basically an entire summer wardrobe. I spent close to 100$. Ahah >_>

I got two new short skirts, two tank tops, a corset/tank top kind of thing, pink ripped jeans, and new flats. I also used a gift card to get new shoes that I've named ninja heels: They're one-and-a-half inch high heels, but they're covered with fabric to make them look like boots with flat bottoms, so people will think I'm taller than I actually am when I wear them. :D

Okay, I'm done. I really just wanted to use my new userpic xD
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Ugh, youtube has failed me. I swear, there are NO Sheppard/Ronon or McKay/Beckett fan videos out there. I mean, I don't mind watching McShep (which there is thankfully a TON of), but John/Ronon and Rodney/Carson are my two favorite pairings. And there is WAY too much John/Teyla. -___-

...Sorry, I had to rant about that. If and when I can find downloads of the SGA episodes somewhere, I will add to the numbers of vids for those pairings. >=]

....And while I'm on the topic of vids, I posted a new Claire/Gretchen vid the other day, if anyone's interested? :D

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I've done some crossing out on my intro post, now that me and Brad are officially over. (Ignore that sentence if you're reading the LJ crosspost of this entry). It makes me feel better, somehow.
I've discovered recently that I no longer feel the need to be in a relationship. Like, if I met someone that would be nice, but I'm also okay with just having friends, for now. Friends are awesome :)

I've also discovered that, when I go to bed after 1 a.m., I get woken up between 9 and 10 a.m. by nightmares. It kinda sucks. However, the other night I had an amazing dream. I was starting a new job (that right there is awesome enough to begin with), and my boss was Mr Woolsey from SGA, and the person who was training me was Ms Nicholson, the student-teacher from last term's English class, who I have an embarrasingly huge crush on. It was a pretty awesome dream. Except then I ended up being chased by a wasp that turned into this thing that looked like a mixture of a Wraith and Johnny Depp from Alice In Wonderland, so yeah, nightmare.

Now, I should probably go take a shower and start on that essay I was supposed to be working on. Heh. >_>

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I don't normally post excerpts from things I'm working on, but I was REALLY proud of this paragraph, so I thought I'd post it here. It's from chapter 5 of my AAR/SGA crossover.

Thankfully, William didn't bring it up until they were safely inside Nick's room.

"So...." he said, playing with his Jell-o (blue
again). "I see that you and Ritter are getting along better."

"Yeah," Nick said. "He saved my life." And that was, as far as he could tell, the reason that things had changed. From that moment on, they'd been... not friends, exactly. Something that was similar to friends, but deeper and stranger and less certain all at the same time. Nick couldn't find a word for it, no matter how hard he tried.

"He saved your life?"

Nick nodded. "I was almost hit by a Wraith stunner. The Wraith who fired it was only a few feet away. If Tyson hadn't pushed me out of the way and killed the Wraith..." Nick trailed off, memories flooding his mind: the Wraith's sharp teeth, their green skin, the way one of them had killed the Athosian so efforlessly...

"Are you okay?" William looked concerned.

"Yeah," Nick said. "I'm fine. Just tired." He faked a yawn, which turned into a real yawn halfway through, and suddenly his tiredness caught up with him.

"I'll let you get some sleep, then." William picked up his tray and smiled. "Good luck with Ritter."

"Thanks," Nick replied. He looked at his clock. The next briefing was at 7 a.m. Thirteen whole hours away...

As soon as William was out of the room, Nick pulled off his boots and his vest, crawled under the covers, and fell into an uneasy sleep, disturbed only by the occasional phantom-image of a clawed hand embedded in Tyson's chest, draining the beauty from his no-longer perfect face.

It took me about forty minutes and a lot of thesaurus work to write that. xD

In other news, my mother promised to let me sign up with a modeling agency as soon as I can pay for it myself! \o/
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Me: You're like... my John, my Carson, my Sam, and my Radek all in one. Me being Rodney in that metaphor.
Brad: ...Thanks! :O

Sometimes, I love my life. xD


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