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Dear mother,

Here are some rules that I follow when someone in the house is sleeping. I suggest you start following similar ones.
  1. Do not talk to yourself right outside their bedroom door. Especially when your talking is more like shouting.
  2. Do not stomp up and down the hall as loudly as possible wearing shoes.
  3. Do not slam doors. They close just as well when you shut them gently, I promise.
  4. Do not knock on their door and ask for their laundry when you don't plan on doing laundry for another couple of hours anyway.
  5. If possible, pick one end of the house and stay there. Do not stomp up and down the hall in your loud shoes every 1-2 minutes.
Thank you.

In other news, my dreams went crazy last night. It started with this courtyard with various doors that lead to a 5-story gym, a marine biology lab (with an adorable baby octpus-ish thing), and a bunch of people in lab coats, taking apart cell phones. Then you had to slide down one of two slides to get to a beach where they sold soda, ice cream, fudge, etc. There was also an apartment building where Adam, Brad, and my aunt all lived. Me and Molly were at the beach, trying to climb up the slides to get back the the courtyard. Then this girl from my school named Brittney sent a package down the slide that contained a survey about Tyson Ritter. IDEK. There was some more stuff about Brad and Adam but I don't really remember.
Then it changed into a SGA dream, where Sheppard, McKay, Ronon, Ford, Weir, and some random nameless soldiers were underwater in a Puddle Jumper, being chased by a giant version of the octopus from the marine biology lab, and the Puddle Jumper was broken and couldn't fly, so the only place they could escape to was this island that was owned by the Genii. They got onto the island and were trying to sneak into the Genii building (they had like... this big apartment building type thing. IDK.) but they got caught. The Genii offered them grapes and cookies, but McKay, Sheppard, and Ronon were the only ones smart enough not to eat them, and the rest of the team all got poisoned. Then the Genii let McKay, Sheppard, and Ronon go, and they gave them guns, and then they were talking about Beckett and Jack Barakat randomly appeared and he was like "William Beckett? Or the scottish Beckett?" and everyone else was just like "....." and it was weird. The end. 

Also, random discovery of about five minutes ago: WHY DOES EVERYONE FROM HEROES END UP ON STARGATE AND VICE-VERSA?
I mean, really, it's just starting to get ridiculous. xD


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