Jul. 13th, 2010

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Alright, so, I've abandoned the linkbait generator for my titles, because it's rather boring once you've seen all 20 or so titles. Now, I'm going to title them the way Neil Gaiman titles the chapters in Anansi Boys. Because I suck at regular titles. And also I'll be using my full name in them, because I've gotten into the habit of using it again.

Yesterday was my job hunting day. I ran all around town in heels and a skirt for six hours, dropping off resumes and filling out job applications. I applied for fourteen jobs in total, so I'm hoping I get at least one of them. The guy at Dairy Queen says he might be able to interview me on the weekend, so fingers crossed.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is this: The thirty-day Harry Potter challenge which I stole from [personal profile] fizzyblogic.

The Questions )

Day 1: Your favorite book
I know that most Potter fans will disagree with me, but my favorite book is The Order Of The Phoenix. Everything about it is awesome, although the best part is easily the school's rebellion against Umbridge (especially Professor McGonagall omg, that was the book where I really started to love her). Also, the Department of Mysteries fascinated me to no end when I was a kid, and still does. It was only recently that I realized that each room represented something very simple: Time, death, the future, etc. It's so cool.


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