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So I just realized today that I haven't posted in well over a month. I fail at life. (Although, to be fair, for at least three weeks of this time period, my computer was broken. I now have a shiny new one <3333)

Things going on in my life right now:
  • New courses! This semester I'm taking Chemistry 11, Math 12, Art 11 and Yoga. My Chemistry teacher is crazy; I love Math; Art is easy and slightly repetitive of Art 10; and Yoga is awesome.
  • I'm now 17! I had a pretty good birthday, although I was sick for it :(
  • March 30th will be my one year anniversary with Ryan! I'm so excited <3

And... that's about it? God, I'm boring.
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So, I've been really busy lately. I've pretty much given up on that 30 Days Of Harry Potter thing because I just can't get on the computer every day. Bleh.

On Saturday, I went to a music festival. It was incredibly awesome. My favorite artists there were Faber Drive, Jay Sean, and Stereos. Faber Drive were just amazing and talented and polite and adorable. Jay Sean isn't even an artist I normally listen to, but he puts on an amazing, energetic performance and he's brilliant at beatboxing. Stereos didn't sound great (without autotune, their lead singer has the weirdest voice I've ever heard... it's REALLY high pitched, I totally wasn't expecting it), but they were easily one of the nicest bands there, and they put on a good performance. The rest of the artists were mostly rap, plus Down With Webster and Girlicious and Hedley. And Hedley were good, but their lead singer is an asshole. He said such charming things as "You'd better sing along to this song, and if you don't know the words, there's the door and you can get the fuck out." I was not impressed. But other than that, it was probably the best seven hours of my summer so far. :D
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I know I haven't posted in FOREVER, but I've has such a busy week. I've accomplished the following:
  • Worked on a SGA vid
  • Worked on a SGA/AAR crossover fic
  • Driven a whole bunch
  • Spent hours and hours with Ryan
Yes, I finally got them taken off. I'll have a permanent retainer for the rest of my life, but it's not visible, so it's not a big problem. Here's what my teeth look like (in a rather dramatic shot, because I'm a camera whore):

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You guys! I have a dentist appointment today, and if everything goes well, my next appointment may be to get my braces off! I will have a pretty smile! I'll be able to eat salad and popcorn and toffee again! \o/

Harry Potter time nao.

The Questions )

Day 11: What character would you say you are most like?
I'd have to say I'm most like Lupin. I have a lot of his good qualities - I'm forgiving, calm, accepting, and patient - but I also share his bad qualities. For example, he was never mean to Snape, but he also didn't stop Sirius and James from being mean to him. I act the same way sometimes; I don't make fun of certain people, but I don't stop my friends from making fun of them either.
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Today, my aunt threw a party. There was about 50 people there, including family members and people she works with. I brought Ryan with me, and it was lots of fun. My aunt lives on a lake, and she owns a motorboat, so we went tubing a few times (which is where you tie an inner tube to a motorboat and ride along behind at high speeds \o/). They own a three-person tube, so I ended up between Ryan and a another guy named Ryan (who... ironically is also 17 years old and 6'3"...). It was like a Ryan sandwich. Good times.

Now. HarryPotterHarryPotterHarryPotterHarryPotter.

The Questions )

Day 10: Horcruxes or Hallows?
The Hallows are way more awesome. I love mythology, so items from an old legend are incredibly awesome to me. It's like that story about the three brothers who get a flying carpet, a magic mirror, and a magic apple... That was like my favorite story as a kid, idek what it's called. Either way, the Hallows are badass.
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Omg, you guys, I just got back from my first job interview ever. It was terrifying! I applied at Dairy Queen. The manager was nice, and I have a good resume, but there are 30 other applicants, so I'm sure that someone with more experience will get the job. But at least it was experience for future interviews, right?

Now, it is time for the Harry Potter challenge.

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Day 7: Favorite female character and why?
Hmmm. I guess I don't feel an strongly about the female characters in this series as the male characters, because there's no female character I love as much as my favorite male character (LEE JORDAN ♥) and no female character I hate as much as my least favorite male character (I can't say who that is yet but I hate him omg). I guess my favorite female character would have to be Luna Lovegood. She's funny and adorable and I love her honesty, but sometimes she breaks my heart, especially when they found the painting on her ceiling in the last book. I guess I kind of identify with her in that way, because I know what it's like to not have many friends, and therefore to care that much about the friends you do have. I love Luna ♥
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Alright, so, I've abandoned the linkbait generator for my titles, because it's rather boring once you've seen all 20 or so titles. Now, I'm going to title them the way Neil Gaiman titles the chapters in Anansi Boys. Because I suck at regular titles. And also I'll be using my full name in them, because I've gotten into the habit of using it again.

Yesterday was my job hunting day. I ran all around town in heels and a skirt for six hours, dropping off resumes and filling out job applications. I applied for fourteen jobs in total, so I'm hoping I get at least one of them. The guy at Dairy Queen says he might be able to interview me on the weekend, so fingers crossed.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is this: The thirty-day Harry Potter challenge which I stole from [personal profile] fizzyblogic.

The Questions )

Day 1: Your favorite book
I know that most Potter fans will disagree with me, but my favorite book is The Order Of The Phoenix. Everything about it is awesome, although the best part is easily the school's rebellion against Umbridge (especially Professor McGonagall omg, that was the book where I really started to love her). Also, the Department of Mysteries fascinated me to no end when I was a kid, and still does. It was only recently that I realized that each room represented something very simple: Time, death, the future, etc. It's so cool.


May. 14th, 2010 02:56 pm
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I have now been sick for nine days straight. I went to school once this week. I am still not better. I'm going to fail History and French. D:

Now, positive things!
  • I have the best boyfriend ever. He's been over here to keep me company six out of the nine days I've been sick. ♥
  • MarkReadsHarryPotter is the best blog ever. I was unsure if I could handle it until he got to chapter four of book one and he loves it and this makes me ridiculously happy.
  • BrettTheIntern is my favorite person ever. He's so hyperactive and silly and awesome and I just wanna hug him *__*
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Kay, so, I'm apparently not allowed to use rich text. HTML it is!

  • I like my boyfriend so very much. ♥
  • I have not had time for the internets lately! D:
  • I'm still struggling through season 1 of SG-1. I find it so boring =.=
  • School is incredibly easy lately. No homework. I likes it.
  • Is it bad that lately I've been reading nothing but Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett? >_>
  • I've gone over a week without playing Dragon Age. Addiction cured? Probably not.
  • SGA IS ON YOUTUBE. I CAN VID. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this already. BUT YAY.
  • I definitely need to work on my SGA/AAR crossover. Why is it that I never noticed how often the Genii come up in that show until I tried to exclude them from the story? Not looking forward to introducing them. -.-
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I've done some crossing out on my intro post, now that me and Brad are officially over. (Ignore that sentence if you're reading the LJ crosspost of this entry). It makes me feel better, somehow.
I've discovered recently that I no longer feel the need to be in a relationship. Like, if I met someone that would be nice, but I'm also okay with just having friends, for now. Friends are awesome :)

I've also discovered that, when I go to bed after 1 a.m., I get woken up between 9 and 10 a.m. by nightmares. It kinda sucks. However, the other night I had an amazing dream. I was starting a new job (that right there is awesome enough to begin with), and my boss was Mr Woolsey from SGA, and the person who was training me was Ms Nicholson, the student-teacher from last term's English class, who I have an embarrasingly huge crush on. It was a pretty awesome dream. Except then I ended up being chased by a wasp that turned into this thing that looked like a mixture of a Wraith and Johnny Depp from Alice In Wonderland, so yeah, nightmare.

Now, I should probably go take a shower and start on that essay I was supposed to be working on. Heh. >_>

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I don't normally post excerpts from things I'm working on, but I was REALLY proud of this paragraph, so I thought I'd post it here. It's from chapter 5 of my AAR/SGA crossover.

Thankfully, William didn't bring it up until they were safely inside Nick's room.

"So...." he said, playing with his Jell-o (blue
again). "I see that you and Ritter are getting along better."

"Yeah," Nick said. "He saved my life." And that was, as far as he could tell, the reason that things had changed. From that moment on, they'd been... not friends, exactly. Something that was similar to friends, but deeper and stranger and less certain all at the same time. Nick couldn't find a word for it, no matter how hard he tried.

"He saved your life?"

Nick nodded. "I was almost hit by a Wraith stunner. The Wraith who fired it was only a few feet away. If Tyson hadn't pushed me out of the way and killed the Wraith..." Nick trailed off, memories flooding his mind: the Wraith's sharp teeth, their green skin, the way one of them had killed the Athosian so efforlessly...

"Are you okay?" William looked concerned.

"Yeah," Nick said. "I'm fine. Just tired." He faked a yawn, which turned into a real yawn halfway through, and suddenly his tiredness caught up with him.

"I'll let you get some sleep, then." William picked up his tray and smiled. "Good luck with Ritter."

"Thanks," Nick replied. He looked at his clock. The next briefing was at 7 a.m. Thirteen whole hours away...

As soon as William was out of the room, Nick pulled off his boots and his vest, crawled under the covers, and fell into an uneasy sleep, disturbed only by the occasional phantom-image of a clawed hand embedded in Tyson's chest, draining the beauty from his no-longer perfect face.

It took me about forty minutes and a lot of thesaurus work to write that. xD

In other news, my mother promised to let me sign up with a modeling agency as soon as I can pay for it myself! \o/
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I think I want to be a model. Not as like, a career, but as a part time thing. I've been researching it, and it sounds like something I'd really like to do. From what I've read, it seems pretty cheap to get started (by cheap I mean, like... a few hundred dollars, but still) and modeling has been one of my dreams since like, seventh grade. Not runway modeling, but catalogue modeling or fashion modeling (on a small scale). I'd have to wait a while, at least until I get a job so I can start saving money, but I think I'd really like to try it. Then again, this will probably be another dream that gets crushed by my mother, like when I wanted to learn to scream. *shrug*


Mar. 11th, 2010 04:01 pm
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So today when I came home I happened to glance at the news on the Sympatico home page, and I discovered this. It really pissed me off. I guess that because people at my school are so okay with homosexuality, I forget sometimes that people in other parts of the world are still ignorant and homophobic. It kinda made me realize that I should stop skipping GSA >_>

In other news, Brad is refusing to hang out with me because when he told me he wanted to hang out tomorrow, I replied with "Don't say that unless you mean it". I'm pretty sure that's a valid request after three months of him not hanging out with me. But I'm guessing my temper is not helping the matter. Fml.
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Me: You're like... my John, my Carson, my Sam, and my Radek all in one. Me being Rodney in that metaphor.
Brad: ...Thanks! :O

Sometimes, I love my life. xD


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